Ball bearings are one of the rolling bearings. There are many types of rolling bearings, many people are not very understanding. The following details are the types of China high quality ball bearings.

First of all, china high quality ball bearings has radial bearings and thrust bearings according to the direction of load or contact angle they can withstand. Radial bearings mainly uses for bear radial load of rolling bearings, and thrust bearings mainly uses for bear axial load of rolling bearings.

According to its rolling body to points, bearing has ball bearings and roller bearings. Ball bearing is the rolling body for the ball. And roller bearings, is the rolling body for the roller. If roller bearings are classified according to rollers, they has cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and spherical roller bearings.

According to its work, the bearing has self-aligning and non-self-aligning bearings. Self-aligning bearing raceway is mainly spherical, can adapt to the two raceway axis between the angular deviation and angular motion of the bearing. And for non-self-aligning bearings, it can impedance between the raceway axis angle offset bearing.

What are the differences between ball bearings and rolling bearings:

According to different rolling bodies, rolling bearings has ball bearings and roller bearings. It also has cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, and needle bearings.

  • According to bearing direction or nominal contact angle is different, divided into: radial bearings, thrust bearings.
  • According to the type of rolling body, divided into: ball bearings, roller bearings.
  • According to whether the center can be divided into: self-aligning bearings, non-self-aligning bearing (rigid bearing).
  • According to the number of rolling column, divided into: single-row bearing, double row bearing and multi-row bearing.
  • According to whether the components can be separated, divided into: separable bearings, non-separable bearings.
Volga china high quality ball bearing
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