VAZ-2123 was shown to the general public at the Moscow Motor Show in 1998, and production began in 2000 in the pilot production of AVTOVAZ. In total, about 1000 cars were assembled. The production of the VAZ-2123 under the new name Chevrolet Niva began on September 23, 2002. The responsibilities of the joint venture with General Motors were divided in such a way that AVTOVAZ produced the body, engine and chassis (only about 70% of the main units), and the partners produced painting and final assembly.

The bearings are used on Niva 2123 are as following:

Chevrolet Niva bearings (Chevrolet Niva, VAZ-2123)
ApplicabilityBearing numberAnalog importDimensionsQuantity
Input shaft gearbox bearing75070630х75х22,91
Output shaft gearbox bearing75030630х72х191
Bearing gearbox intermediate and secondary shafts9270525х55х182
Countershaft gearbox bearing15670420х50х20,61
Gearbox bearing, fifth stage gear block6-42205А1ЕУШ1NJ20525х52х151
Gearbox bearing, input shaft (rear end of the crankshaft)18050262202-2RS15х35х141
Gearbox bearing, lever and gearbox connection2123-17033601
Water pump (pump) bearing1НР1611516х30х391
Generator bearing83080317х64х12/281
Generator bearing1802026202-2RS15х35х111
Generator bearing1801036003-2RS17х35х101
Generator bearing1803026302-2RS15х42х131
Generator bearing1803036303-2RS17х47х141
Transfer case bearing, driving shaft75070630х75х22,91
Transfer case bearing, intermediate and drive shafts75030630х72х191
Transfer case bearing, intermediate shaft12507NF220735х72х231
Transfer case bearing, front differential support502096209N45х85х191
Transfer case bearing, driving shaft, rear differential support209620945х85х191
Rear axle half-shaft bearing18050862208-2RS40х80х232
Front and rear axle differential bearing6У-2007807АЕК135х62х162
Front rear axle drive pinion bearing (front support)6-7705А28х67х20,52
Front and rear axle drive pinion bearing (rear support)6-7807ЕУШ335х73х272
Front rear axle drive shaft bearing305630525х62х172
Front axle inner joint housing bearing503066306N30х72х191
Front hub bearing6-2007108А32008Х40х68х19,24
Steering gear bearing, bottom support99680528х50х20,21
Steering gear bearing, upper support99690528х47х13,21
Clutch release bearing52090737х62х14/211
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