Type N – products include in their design a cage, an outer ring with a pair of flanges and an outer ring without flanges. In N-type roller bearings, the axial displacement of the shaft is compensated in 2 directions with respect to the coupling housing. The models are characterized by high speeds with maximum radial load capacity.

Type NU – bearings, the main design feature of which is the presence of a pair of flanges on the outer ring and their absence on the inner one. Needle Roller Bearings They are able to accept large radial loads without the ability to withstand axial ones.

Type NJ – products include models whose outer ring is equipped with 2 flanges, and the outer ring with 1. These roller bearings are designed to provide one-sided shaft fixation.

Type NUP – products with a pair of beads located on the outer ring and 1 on the inner. Also in their design there is 1 removable side, which is a free ring. This type of bearing is used to securely fix the position of the shaft on both sides.

All varieties of single row roller bearings are characterized by high rigidity, low friction, maximum load capacity.

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