KAMAZ ia a Soviet, then a Russian company, a manufacturer of diesel trucks and diesel engines, operating since 1976. It also produces buses, tractors, combines, electrical units, thermal mini-power plants and components. The main production is located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

The bearings are use in KAMAZ are as following:

ApplicabilityBearing numberChina AnalogSizeQuantity
Radial motor bearing207620735х72х174
Radial motor bearing305630525х62х171
Thrust motor bearing81025110215х28х91
Tapered motor bearing9750630х62х50
Engine cooling system bearing114601470х110х201
Engine cooling system bearing116030420х52х1
Engine cooling system bearing116030525х62х211
Engine cooling system bearing204620420х47х141
Engine cooling system bearing207620735х72х171
Engine cooling system bearing305630525х62х171
Engine power system bearing106600630х55х131
Engine power bearing201620112х32х102
Engine power bearing203620317х40х121
Engine power bearing72043020420х47х15,252
Engine power bearing81035110317х30х91
Cabin bearing10890317,5х32,2х10,71
Propeller shaft bearing80470733,65х50х36,832
Power take-off ball bearing307630735х80х212
Power take-off roller bearing92290631,793х62,0252
Ball bearing gearbox205620525х52х151
Gearbox roller bearing12213NF21365х120х231
Gearbox bearing, intermediate shaft, front support70-504096409N45х120х291
Gearbox bearing, driven shaft, rear support504126412N60х150х351
Gearbox bearing intermediate shaft, rear support3610 или 536102231050х110х401
Gearbox bearing, reverse gear block6490735х52х492
Gearbox bearing, divider drive shaft, rear support6-170314ЛШ170х150х351
Gearbox bearing, divider drive shaft, rear support6-170412ЛШ160х150х351
Gearbox bearing, drive shaft, front support26470629,9х43,9х331
Gearbox bearing, divider intermediate shaft, rear support292213RNU21379,6х120х231
Gearbox bearing, driven shaft, front support76-59270840х77,5х231
Gearbox needle bearing66491681х92х42,52
Front axle bearing72143021470х125х26,251
Front axle bearing72163021680х140х28,252
Front axle bearing75163221680х140х35,251
Front axle bearing273103131050х110х29,251
Front axle bearing2770945х100х31,84
Front axle bearing2791154х123,8х39,51
Front axle bearing10240945х120х291
Front axle bearing10260525х62х241
Middle axle bearing72143021470х125х26,251
Middle axle bearing72163021680х140х28,252
Middle axle bearing75163221680х140х35,251
Middle axle bearing12310NF31050х110х271
Middle axle bearing273103131050х110х29,251
Middle axle bearing2791154х123,8х39,51
Middle axle bearing10240945х120х291
Rear axle bearing, cogwheel outer bearing72143021470х125х26,251
Rear axle bearing, wheel differential cup72163021680х140х28,252
Rear axle bearing, cogwheel inner support75163221680х140х35,251
Rear axle bearing, drive shaft rear support12310NF31050х110х271
Rear axle bearing, spur gear, right support273103131050х110х29,251
Rear axle bearing, spur gear, right support2791154х123,8х39,51
Rear axle bearing, spur gear, left support10240945х120х291
Steering bearing, bevel gear front wheel support110601050х80х161
Steering bearing, upper and lower gear angular gear wheel bearings205620525х52х152
Steering bearing for power steering pump shaft, rear support305630525х62х171
Steering bearing, bevel gear rear wheel support501106010N50х80х161
Steering bearing for power steering pump shaft, rear support15490112х22х161
Steering bearing63690628х44х21,52
Steering bearing, drive propeller shaft70490215,2х28х208
Steering bearing, steering screw81970525х52/63х162
Hub bearing72183021890х160х32,56
Hub bearing200711832018X90х140х32,46
Clutch release bearing98671470х105х21,51
Air brake compressor bearing207620735х72х172
Electrical Bearing18050262202-2RS15х35х141
Electrical Bearing18060362303-2RS17х47х191
Transfer case ball bearing312631260х130х311
Transfer case roller bearing2312N31260х130х311
Transfer case bearing tapered73113031155х120х31,52
Transfer case roller bearing12218NF21890х160х301
Transfer case roller bearing12410NF41050х130х311
Transfer case ball bearing with groove under Art. ring503106310N50х110х271
Transfer case needle bearing66491362х70х312
Transfer case ball bearing with groove under Art. ring504136413N65х160х371
Winch tapered bearing2770945х100х31,82
Winch ball bearing, open406640630х90х231
Winch needle bearing70490215,2х28х208
Winch ball bearing, closed1802066206-2RS 30х62х162
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