The industrial sector composes a vast segment of different industries that includes construction, oil and mining, agricultural, material handling, electric motors and so on. Each of these industries have specific needs for their application. We can provide ball, taper, cylindrical, spherical, mounted and more bearings and parts to meet your design needs.

Types of industrial bearings
There are different bearings for specific usage in the industrial sectors. Plain bearings or fluid hearings are, to name a few. The simplest is the plain industrial bearings that comprise no rolling element but a smooth bearing surface and are the least expensive. Roller bearings function on rollers or balls in between two rings. These can handle the small capacity of both radial and thrust loads. On the other hand, fluid bearings support the loads using a thin layer of gas or liquid. The subdivision of fluid type includes dynamic or hydrostatic bearings.

Applications of mechanical bearings
Plain bearings carry a high load capacity. Ball thrust bearings find their application in low-speed articles like the barstools. Although ball bearings find their use in handling small loads are applicable in everything from inline skates to hard drives. Roller bearings are useful for large radial loads such as gear sets, aircraft construction equipment, or engine components like pivots, compressors, and pumps. Bending loads employ flexure bearings, preferably due to their resistance to overwork.

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