What Is Auto Wheel Bearing?

Wheel bearings are components used in advance auto parts to reduce friction and enable smooth movement of parts that rotate or move back and forth. They are typically small, cylindrical components that are inserted into various parts of the car, such as the engine, wheels, and transmission, where they provide support and reduce wear and tear. There are many different types of advance auto wheel bearing and rollers bearing for advance auto, including ball bearings, roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, and needle bearings, among others. These bearings are made from a variety of materials, such as steel, ceramic, and plastic, and are designed to withstand the demands of automotive use, which can include high speeds, heavy loads, and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Repack Wheel Bearings
Wheel Bearings

Some of the most common applications of wheel bearings for advance auto include supporting the weight of the car on the wheels, reducing friction between the crankshaft and connecting rods in the engine, and enabling smooth movement of the transmission gears. Overall, auto bearings play an essential role in ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of a car’s various components.

How To Repack The Auto Wheel Bearing

Repack trailer and auto wheel bearings

Jack up the trailer and support the frame or axle. Remove the wheel with sliding joint pliers, and then remove the hub dust cover. Straighten the cotter pin, grab the head with a side cutter and take it out of the slotted nut. Unscrew the nut with pliers. Then pull the hub forward until the washer and outer bearing fall into your hands.

You know that you should repack the advance auto wheel bearing on ships, cars or public trailers. But what about you? Well, according to George Andriotis, the field editor who owns D&G auto and trailers in Bridgeport, Connecticut, it is not as frequent as you should. George often receives phone calls from stranded trailer owners. Number one reason? Explode the hub bearing.

You can avoid being trapped by repacking the advance auto wheel bearing regularly. If you use a work trailer or public trailer or drive for a long distance every day, please repack it every six months. If it is used occasionally and/or the journey is short, please repack it once a year. For marine trailers, repack the wheel bearings at the beginning and end of the rowing season. Use marine wheel bearing grease.

The repackaging of wheel bearings is very cheap (less than $15), and you can complete it yourself in a few hours. Purchase new oil seals, cotter pins and advance auto wheel bearing grease at any trailer supply store. According to the internal size of the wheel bearing, the grease seal has various sizes. Therefore, after you remove the bearings, please take them to the store to match the new bearings. You also need a seal puller degreaser solution, part cleaning brush, cleaning bucket, sliding joint pliers, side cutting pliers, floor jack and jack bracket. Then follow the simple photo series.

Materials required for the project of repacking wheel bearing

Cotter pin
Degreaser solution
Grease seal
Marine wheel bearing grease

Required tools for the project of repacking auto berings

Parts cleaning brush
Sliding joint pliers
Needle nose pliers

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